Magnetic Monthly Planner - Eucalyptus (SMALL 35cm x 28.3cm)

Magnetic Monthly Planner - Eucalyptus (SMALL 35cm x 28.3cm)

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Our new Eucalyptus design is inspired by fresh spring growth of an Australian Eucalyptus tree. If you’re keen to be seen with green, our Eucalyptus design is just for you.

When you have an Anandi Designs Magnetic Monthly Planner on your fridge, the whole family can easily see what’s on and when. Soccer at 9 on Saturday, dinner at Nan’s Thursday or a fun trip to dentist at 10 on next Tuesday, nothing gets missed. Each member of the household can have a different colour pen to make it even easier. 

Ideal for a French door or a small size fridge.

Designed and Printed in Australia.

1 x Monthly: 35cm x 28.3cm

These planners are magnetic, re-usable white boards to help keep track and get organised.

Printed on Gloss Whiteboard Laminate and applied to 0.8mm Magnet.


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