Magnetic Monthly Planner - Palm Cove (SMALL 35cm x 28.3cm)

Magnetic Monthly Planner - Palm Cove (SMALL 35cm x 28.3cm)

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A simple palm tree filled design for when there's a need for simplicity. The monotone hues will appeal to a wide audience. 

When you have an Anandi Designs Magnetic Monthly Planner on your fridge, the whole family can easily see what’s on and when. Soccer at 9 on Saturday, dinner at Nan’s Thursday or a fun trip to dentist at 10 on next Tuesday, nothing gets missed. Each member of the household can have a different colour pen to make it even easier. 

Ideal for a French door or a small size fridge.

Designed and Printed in Australia.

1 x Monthly: 35cm x 28.3cm

These planners are magnetic, re-usable white boards to help keep track and get organised.

Printed on Gloss Whiteboard Laminate and applied to 0.8mm Magnet.


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