Magnetic Meal Planner Package - Plant Lover Design Save $6.95

Magnetic Meal Planner Package - Plant Lover Design Save $6.95

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If indoor plants are your thing then we've got the perfect design for you. Our Plant Lover design is like standing in front of a tropical green wall, the individual plants mould together to give out those jungle vibes. We've even added a few splashes of colour to break up the greens.

Save money and reduce waste by planning your meals for the week on an Anandi Designs magnetic meal planner and add any ingredients needed to the included  magnetic shopping list notepad.

The meal planner is is a re-useable whiteboard. Simply wipe clean each week, and then start planning for the next week. Save $6.95

Designed and Printed in Australia.

1 x Plant Lover Magnetic Whiteboard Meal Planner (20.5cm x 26cm) 
1 x Plant Lover Notepad with attached magnet on back (DL 50 tear off pages)

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